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We are pleased to announce the addition of an adult day care service in Aurora, Colorado

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado, with a diversified population made up of immigrant and refugee groups. The senior population is getting older as a result of growing cultural diversity. However, because of structural, institutional, linguistic, and transportation constraints, our aging population is unable to lead the happy and entire lives they deserve. Numerous older people in our community struggle with loneliness and isolation.

This is where Everest Adult Day Care steps in to help the multicultural population of Aurora, Colorado, join together and move forward with a better future and hope for our aging senior population.

Adult Daycare at Everest Home Care

How Everest Adult Day Care is Enhancing the Lives of Aurora's Multicultural Elderly Population

Providing adult daycare services to our clients is something that Everest Home Care is happy to provide. We want to give adults who require help during the day a nurturing and secure environment. Our adult daycare facility is staffed with skilled caregivers committed to offering the best standard of care to each of our clients. To keep our clients interested and active, we provide a range of activities and programs. We offer activities for everyone, including music therapy, art classes, games, and exercise.

We also offer meals and transportation as part of our adult daycare services. Please put your trust in us to give your loved one the care and assistance they require to live their best life.

Our Service include:

  • Nutritional Meals

  • Socialization Exercises

  • Medical administration

  • Adult Recreational Activities

  • Special Celebrations ( Birthday, Ethnic Festivals such as Ramadan, Dashain, etc)

  • Outdoor Activities such as Picnics and Slight Seeing

  • English Class

  • Exercise Activities

  • Transportation

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