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Here's how we're celebrating and sharing our diverse cultural traditions

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

We want to provide a warm and inclusive environment for all of our clients and their families, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. To encourage an active and meaningful lifestyle for our aging population, we think it is crucial to embrace diversity and celebrate ethnic traditions.

Preserving and Celebrating Diverse Cultural Traditions at Everest Home Care for Elders

We are aware of how crucial it is to keep alive and honor many cultural traditions, particularly for our more senior citizens. We think that embracing many cultures and rituals can improve our clients' general wellbeing and standard of living.

We have established several activities at our locations to celebrate and share our diverse cultural heritage. We accomplish this, among other things, by holding festivals and cultural activities all year, such as cultural and culinary festivals, live music events, and traditional dance performances. We also encourage sharing our clients' unique cultural traditions with one another and ourselves.

Our Service include:

  • Nutritional Meals

  • Socialization Exercises

  • Medical administration

  • Adult Recreational Activities

  • Special Celebrations ( Birthday, Ethnic Festivals such as Ramadan, Dashain, etc)

  • Outdoor Activities such as Picnics and Slight Seeing

  • English Class

  • Exercise Activities

  • Transportation

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