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We are excited to announce an additional service of Adult Day Care at Aurora, CO. 

Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado with a diverse population representing from immigrant and refugee communities. With an increasing cultural pluralism, the number of elderly senior population is also increasing. However, our elderly senior population are not being able to live a fulfilling and satisfying life they deserve due to structural, institutional, language, and transportation barriers. Many of our elderly seniors are living in isolation and loneliness. This is where, Everest Adult Day Care steps in to make the integration of multicultural population living in Aurora, CO to come together and move forward with better future and hope for our elderly senior population. 


Our services are client oriented. Our goal is to create a safe, supportive, and fulfilling environment for our clients to increase community feeling, independence, joy, happiness, and freedom to live the life they want to live. 

  • Nutritional Meals 

  • Socialization Exercises

  • Transportation 

  • Medication Administration 

  • Adult Recreational Activities 

  • Exercises Activity 

  • Special Celebrations (Birthday, Ethnic Festivals such as Ramadan, Dashain,etc). 

  • Outdoor Activities (Picnics, Sight-seeing)

  •  English Class

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